Coaching of beginner to advanced riders 

Coaching is offered to riders of all ages and levels in dressage, show jumping and eventing. The German training system is known as being logical and thorough and used under the term horsemanship it can help to reach the best possible performance of the horse and rider team.

  • Dressage and Show jumping lessons on 14.2 hh school ponies or your horse
  • Adults and children
  • Private and buddy lessons  
  • Show combined lesson packages for intermediate riders   
  • Competition combined Lesson Packages for Intermediate riders 
  • Managing at competitions 
  • Travel locally for private lessons around Hills, Hawkesbury and Northsore area.
  • Prices 30 minute private lesson $75, 60 minute private lesson $130, Buddy lesson $110   

Clinics and Workshops

  • Dressage, Show jumping, horse handling, lungeing weekend and Holiday Clinics
  • Private and buddy lessons  
  • Prices start from $140



Saddle Club for children 

A fun way to learn horse riding and to gain knowledge and skills around the pony including brushing, leading, handling, tacking up/off, horsey games and more...  
  • Saddle Club for two to four children on weekends and during school holidays
  • Price for saddle club per child start from $160
saddle club 2016 1.jpg
Rider fitness classes 

The Personal Fitness Training designed for the needs of equestrians is offered to individual riders and groups of all ages and levels. Personal Fitness Training can be the magic word to achieve an harmonique dialogue of motion between the rider and the horse as well as better feel, joy and greater success. All training programmes aim at improving strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility and a specialized programme is designed to suit the individual requirements. Most riders know how difficult it can be to implement the instructions of the equestrian coach. A lot of people have muscular imbalances and undeveloped coordinative skills because of one-sided activities or lack of exercise. For a successful and enjoyable riding performance the overall fitness, coordinative and physical skills of the rider play an important role.

  • Rider fitness classes
  • Postural and fitness assessment
  • Personal Training 
  • Clinics and workshops
  • Price rider fitness class $25 per person
riders fitness.jpg

Locating performance ponies

AKL German Riding Ponies is able to assist you in locating and purchasing of sport ponies in Australia. Through the extensive network of german breeders, trainers and stud book associations, a service of locating German Riding Ponies in Germany is offered to riders, breeders and parents of young riders.