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We invite you to come and see us at our annual OPEN DAY on the 25th November 2018 from 11 am to 4 pm.

Families can have fun by participating in numerous activities and learning more about horses and equestrian sports. Highlights of the day include ponyrides, stable visits, photo-taking opportunities with ponies and horse shoes, as well as demonstrations by AKL equestrian team. 



11/07/2018 Salukah placing third and first in Preliminary Dressage scoring 67%. Neo Tschepen did a fabulous job being the competition groom of the day.
14/06/2018 Vito Dima training and  performing successfully at Medium level  dressage at the Galston Equestrian Club event.
17/06/2018 The horse lungeing clinic using German training methods was a great success all young riders and horse enthusiasts

14/05/2018 The school holiday program for kids was enjoyed by all who attended.

17/03/2018 German horse trailer loading course
All participants enjoyed learning how to load horses safely and with confidence.


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25/02/2018 Competition results
Great results at the Dressage competition of the Galston Equestrian Club. Salukah placing first and Salaeh an unbelievable  6th for her first outing. Salukah was also awarded Highest scoring dressage horse of the day.  
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First weekend April 2017
Show Jumping Clinic 
Riders all ages
Entry level show jumping up to 80 cm height, postural assessment of juming sea, tgymnastizising cavaletti training, jumping of a combination, how to ride a show jump course 
private, buddy and small group lessons

Dressage Clinic
Young talented riders rode their performance ponies with the view to prepare for their first competition in the coming months. Activities included practising how to ride in a warm up arena with other riders, riding a dressage test, theoretical session and practical show preparation of ponies including plaiting.

STAT9467-ZF-9053-02454-1-001-002.jpg 17/09/2016
Vito Dima was awarded NSW Arabian State Titles Derivative Novice Dressage Champion scoring a brilliant 72.14% and NSW Arabian State Titles Elementary Dressage Champion scoring 69.13%. The Arabian Championship State Titles were held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre.  He has 28.6% arabian blood percentage and 12.8% welsh percentage.
STAT9576-ZF-9053-02454-1-001-004.jpg 17/09/2016
Vito Dima was awarded NSW Arabian State Titles Reserve Champion Ridden Part Arabian Stallion at the NSW Arabian Championship State Titles held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre.
IMG_1359.JPG 10/09/2016
Vito Dima was awarded NSW Elementary Dressage Pony Champion at the NSW Dressage Championships which were held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre.

Vito Dima was awarded NSW Novice Dressage Pony Reserve Champion at the NSW Dressage Championships which were held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre. 

Vito Dima SIEC 2016.jpg

VITO DIMA placed first and second against horses at Elementary Dressage at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre.


Third place in Dressage for fourteen year old student Yi at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre.
Yi competed on Sterntaler and placed a fantastic third at Official Preliminary at the Hawkesbury Dressage Club event.  


First place for fourteen year old student Neo and Sterntaler at their first ever dressage competition.
Neo competed Sterntaler at Preparatory Dressage at the Hawkesbury Riding Club event.

10404135_1662327747347004_3117481936110364439_n.jpg 16/10/2015
AKl GRP is elcoming  GRP filly AKL Valetta to the world. Sire: GRP stallion Vito Dima and Dam: Simeon Salaeh. 
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Six year old student Chloe was awarded Reserve Champion.
Chloe and Sterntaler were awarded Reserve Champion in the Lead Rein Pony class at the Spring Gymkhana of the Galston Equestrian Club. 

AHAA-230815-3.2-4248.jpg 23/08/2015
Two winnings for Vito Dima at Official Elementary Dressage.
Vito Dima won both Elementary Dressage tests at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre against horses and ponies scoring fantastic 73.78%.
10380456_10153106340596789_7256149639051425623_o.jpg 04/02/2015
Westphalia Stud Book Performance German Riding Pony Stallion Licensing
VITO DIMA is now Fully Performance Licensed German Riding Pony Stallion with the Westphalia Stud Book in Germany. He scored 85% for his ridability, 80% for his show jumping ability and an excellent final result of 81%. Many thanks to Aaron Quinn for doing such a wonderful job when test riding VITO DIMA in the Westphalia Stud Book Licensing. 
10834876_10153106340451789_7493691444187903067_o.jpg 04/02/2015
ACE Group Performance Premium Awarded Fully Licensed German Riding Pony Stallion VITO DIMA (imp).
AKL German Riding Ponies would like to thank the ACE Group Assessment Team 2015 Gerd Kuest, Imke Quast and Lauretta Wright for their professionalism. A huge thanks to Elsa Marchenay for her invaluable assistance. 
10854873_10153106340616789_9179787998282953932_o.jpg 04/02/2015
German Riding Pony Stallion VITO DIMA (imp) is now fully licensed and has achieved a Premium Award in the ACE Group Performance Stallion Licensing.

INFORMATION FOR BREEDERS in regards to Colour Testing Results of VITO DIMA.
The AEGRC performed the colour testing in 2011 and results are as follows:
1. Cream dilution screening test result: Vito Dima is carrying ONE copy of the cream dilution allele. Genotype N/DI - pony is dilute. Bay diluted buckskin.  
2. Chestnut coat colour screening testing result: Vito Dima is carrying ONE copy of the chestnut coat colour allele. Genotype E/e - pony carries both chestnut (red) and black factors and can pass either chestnut or black pigment to foals.
3. Agouti screening testing result: Vito Dima is carrying ONE copy of the recessive Agouti Allele (a). Genotype A/a - black pigment distributed in a point pattern. 


Dressage training session
at AKL German Riding Ponies. Madelene Wicht riding Sterntaler. Spectators, Family and Friends are always welcome.


Peanut2014 005 (2).JPG 26/08/2014
NSW Pony Dressage State Championships 2014 Adele Graham competed succesfully on her pony Moonshine on the Rocks
and achieved their personal best official scores and an overall third place in Preliminary Dressage. They placed second in Preliminary test 1.3 with a fantastic score of 72.319% and achieved a great fifth place in Preliminary test 1.2 scoring 65.865%.
IMG_4448.JPG 25/08/2014
Dressage and Cavaletti training session Adele Graham
on her performance pony Moonshine on the Rocks is qualified for Preliminary Dressage at the NSW State Pony Championships. 
31052014-IMG_6160 (2).jpg 01/06/2014
At the Hawkesbury Dressage Championship VITO DIMA was awarded 2014 Novice Dressage Pony Champion winning both Novice dressage tests.
31052014-IMG_6285.jpg 01/06/2014
At the same event VITO DIMA was also awarded 2014 Hawkesbury Dressage Championship Highest Scoring Pony with a of Championship score 70.35%.
31052014-IMG_6361.jpg 11/05/2014
At only his second competition VITO DIMA was awarded Preliminary Dressage Pony Champion winning both Official Preliminary Dressage tests at the Hawkesbury Show, the second biggest show after the Easter Show in the state of NSW.

 was awarded Premium Licensed German Riding Pony stallion at the two days Stallion Licensing Rhineland and Westphalia in Wickrath, Germany. Photo shows VITO DIMA with his breeder Arno Leufkens, german trainer Timo Coldewey and a representitive of the Rhineland and Westphalia Stud books.