Coaching riders all levels and ages in dressage and show Jumping riding, weekend Clinics, kids Saddle Clubs and rider fitness training services are offered at AKL German Riding Ponies

Coaching of riders  

  • Dressage and Show jumping on well trained up to height school ponies and riders with their own pony or horse
  • Coaching adults and children
  • Intermediate and advanced riders
  • Specialised private and buddy lessons for Beginners from the age of 5
  • Vaulting for children from the age of 6 
  • Show + Lesson Packages for Intermediate riders from the age of 6   
  • Dressage Competition + Lesson Packages for Intermediate riders from the age of 12
  • Managing at competitions
  • Clinics and workshops

    Price for private lessons start at $70.

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Coaching is offered to riders of all ages and levels in dressage, show jumping and eventing. The german training system is known as being logical and thorough and used under the term horsemanship it can help to reach the best possible performance of the horse and rider team.

Reviews of AKL clients:

Dressage and Show Jumping Clinics

  • Weekend and Holiday Clinics
  • Riders all ages
  • Buddy and small group lessons
  • Up to height well rained school performance ponies or with your own performance pony/horse  
  • Upcoming clinic scheduled for Show Jumping is the 1st/2nd April 2017
  • Upcoming clinic scheduled for Dressage is April/May 2017  

Saddle Club for children 

A Fun way to learn horse riding and to gain knowledge and skills around the pony including brushing, leading, handling, tacking up/off, horsey games and more... 
    Saddle Club for two to four children from the age of 4.
    Price for saddle club per child start from $180-
    Next start date: April 2017 to make a booking please send an email.  

    Saddle Club for to to four children from the age of 7.
    Price for saddle club per child start from $180
    Next start date: April 2017 to make a booking please send an email.

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5 Star Training and Boarding of performance ponies and horses   

  • Dressage and Show jumping
  • Starting under saddle   
  • Young and Advanced performance ponies and horses
  • Training and Boarding
  • Preparation and Presentation at competitions, championships

    Price for training and boarding of performance ponies start from $95 per day 
    Travel locally for training of your perfomance pony start from $130 per session.  

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Training and boarding of young and advanced performance ponies and horses is offered in dressage and show jumping. Performance ponies and horses are trained by using a fair classical education under the term horsemanship, to reach the full potential of each individual performance pony and horse. The german training scale is known as a systematic programme mainly for the training of dressage horses but also of showjumping and eventing horses.

Reviews of clients:


Personal fitness training of riders

  • Postural assessment of rider
  • Fitness test
  • One on One Personal Training 
  • Group Personal Training
  • Clinics and workshops

    Price for rider's fitness training session start from $70.

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The Personal Fitness Training designed for the needs of equestrians is offered to individual riders and groups of all ages and levels. Personal Fitness Training can be the magic word to achieve an harmonique dialogue of motion between the rider and the horse as well as better feel, joy and greater success. All training programmes aim at improving strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility and a specialized programme is designed to suit the individual requirements. Most riders know how difficult it can be to implement the instructions of the equestrian coach. A lot of people have muscular imbalances and undeveloped coordinative skills because of one-sided activities or lack of exercise. For a successful and enjoyable riding performance the overall fitness, coordinative and physical skills of the rider play an important role.

Locating of sport ponies

AKL German Riding Ponies is able to assist you in locating and purchasing of sport ponies in Australia. Through the extensive network of german breeders, trainers and stud book associations, a service of locating German Riding Ponies in Germany is offered to riders, breeders and parents of young riders.