About Me

Anne-Katrin Liebe

Sports Scientist M.Sc (Sp)
German International Equestrian Coach Level 2

Anne-Katrin was born and raised in Germany and moved to Australia a decade ago. She is a highly experienced and qualified German International Equestrian Level 2 Coach and Sports Scientist who established AKL German Riding Ponies which embodies her life’s passion for riding, coaching, supporting people with the magical power of horses and breeding German Riding Ponies. Two German Riding Ponies, Sterntaler and Vito Dima, were also imported to Australia as part of the establishment of AKL German Riding Ponies. Sterntaler, who Anne-Katrin has now owned for 27 years, is the ultimate ‘one in a million’ schoolmaster. Vito Dima, is a competitive and Premium licensed German Riding Pony stallion.