Coaching Classical Centered Riding

  • Riders all ages from beginner to advanced 
  • Well trained up to height school performance ponies
  • Private, semi-private and group lessons
  • Dressage and Show jumping
  • Competition Rider team
  • Education and Competition Programs

  • Whats new in 2020: 
  • Rider video analytics clinics 
  • Kids vaulting
  • Centered riding courses
  • Cavalettis clinics

Education Clinics

  • The secret of fine tuned riders aids
  • How rider posture influences harmonic riding 
  • Classical lungeing training of horses
  • German training scale and succesful riding
  • Horse behaviour and communication  
  • Basics of ground work for horses
  • Trailer loading training 
  • Freestyle to music 
  • Quadrillen and Pas de deux riding
  • Young rider pony dressage  
  • Show jumping from cross rail to parcours riding

Education Programs

Competition Programs

Application Forms

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