coming in 2021.


Champagne buckskin, 2012, 146,7 cm, registered WCPSOA and AHSA

Placed third and fourth scoring 67% in preliminary dressage at the Hawkesbury Dressage club event. Placed first in Preliminary dressage test 1.1 scoring 69.091% at the Galston Equestrian Club dressage event. Awarded highest scoring Dressage Horse of the GEC Dressage event day.


chestnut with flaxen mane and tail, 2009, registered AHSA

2018 placed 6th in preliminary dressage test 1.1 scoring 61.02% at the Galston Equestrian Club


caramel bucksin, 2014, registered WCPSOA
2019 placed 1st in Preparatory dressage scoring 70.35% at Galston Equestrian Club


dark chestnut, 1991, German Riding Pony, 145,7 cm (14.1 3/8 hh), Berlin-Brandenburg

2012 Hawkesbury Dressage Club placed 1st Preliminary dressage score: 74.318% and
placed 2nd
Preliminary dressage score: 69.400%
Sydney Dressage Club Inc.
placed 1st
Official preliminary dressage test 1C against horses
Dressage NSW Inc. placed 2nd Novice dressage
AHHA National Hunter Championships 2010 placed Top 4 National Champion Small Show Hunter Galloway over 14 hh-14.2 hh
NSW Pony Dressage Championships Overall Scoring 2010 placed 6th and 7th Novice
placed 6th Overall Official Preliminary Champion
placed 7th Overall Official Novice Championship
2010 NSW Pony Dressage Championships placed 2nd Novice and 3rd Preliminary dressage
2010 Illawarra Dressage Association placed 1st Novice and 1st Preliminary dressage
2010 Cadore II Equestrian Club placed 1st Preliminary dressage and novice dressage
2010 Hawkesbury Riding Club placed 1st
Preliminary dressage and Novice dressage
2010 Hawkesbury dressage club placed 1st Official Novice dressage

2010 NSW ASPR Pony Dressage Challenge Overall Scoring

2010 ASPR Reserve Champion Official Preliminary Dressage
2010 NSW ASPR Pony Dressage Challenge placed 2nd Preliminary and Novice dressage