AKL equine-assisted learning is about contact and closeness to the horse as a living being, as well as its care. The horse, both a herd and flight animal, awakens self-initiative and connects to us emotionally. Horses establish contact with a clear and unbiased nature, and are sensitive to the emotions around them. They give trust and unconditional affection. While physically superior to humans, horses let themselves be guided by humans when trust and respect are the basis of the relationship. With a confident and friendly attitude, students can establish a partnership with horses. Anne-Katrin believes that this partnership, however, is an intensive emotional and cognitive process that the participant must engage in. Participants can gain increased self-esteem and motivation, helping them feel happier, more courageous and able to find success. The intention of equine-assisted learning at AKL is to help people gain confidence and skills that can have an impact on the participants everyday life.

In addition to equine assisted learning, Anne-Katrin is offering equine assisted therapy for children, young people and adults with various disabilities or disorders such as Autism, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, anxiety and depression and others. The horse is a great mediator when people are unable to express or access their emotions. AKL German Riding Ponies strives to help people overcome disorders who often find it difficult to consciously perceive their own bodies. In sessions, the horse approaches the person without judgement, triggers actions and reactions and is a motivator. Horses listen silently, live in the “here and now” and perceive the most subtle moods, inner conflicts and unconscious desires in our body language. In this way people can release themselves from old limitations and find their natural flow. The horse is therapeutic to a bigger extent, the richer the therapist is in horse experiences and self-knowledge. Physically, mentally and spiritually they will experience long forgotten abilities again and thus heal the imbalance within themselves. AKL German Riding Ponies equine assisted therapy aims to help people regain their self-assurance, strengthen their self-confidence, and overcome fears, while improving their psychological well-being and achieving increased relaxation and mindfulness. Participants have the opportunity to learn about old and new resources, create positive relationships and rediscover themselves.