“AKL German Riding Ponies has really helped both my horses and my own riding skills. Anne-Katrin has coached me for the past 4 years and has been nothing but supportive and encouraging throughout this time. She has instilled in me and my horses’ , the principles of the German Training Scale and always insists on our very best. She is a warm and encouraging coach who takes pride in her students and their success – of which there have been so many! Anne-Katrin has not only helped me prepare for competitions buy has also supported, coached and cheered me on at local events too.
I have  the utmost respect and confidence on Anne-Katrin’s ability to train and look after my horses. On multiple occasions, I have had to go overseas for a few weeks at a time and have left horses in her capable hands during this time. I always return to horses  who are happy, confident and have progressed extremely well in their education under her careful instruction. Anne-Katrin treats all horses as if they were her own and takes the best care of them at all times. I cannot recommend her highly enough!” Madelene Wicht

Five stars for AKL German Riding Ponies!
Anne-Katrin is a wonderful coach with excessive knowledge. Her style of riding and teaching combines the best German and Australian riding and emphasizes on proper seat, kind hands and correct aids. Her ponies are all very well mannered and trained and I have been learning so much from riding 4 year old Salukah in Anne-Katrin’s lessons. I love especially that Anne-Katrin has great knowledge in physiology and knows exactly what to work on when it comes to my seat and the muscles which needs to be used to get it right. Her place in Arcadia is well kept and the horses are extremely well looked after and have a wondeful life at AKL German Riding Ponies. Highly recommend ed for beginners and advanced riders alike!!” Anne-Katrin Lehrburger

Our daughter started as a beginner rider in 2013. The combination of a quiet private environment, Sterntaler’s gentle nature and Anne-Katrin’s nurturing way have proven perfect for a shy teenager. Anne-Katrin is a consummate professional-putting the safety of the rider and horse first, she is always ready with a kind smile and words of encouragement. Riding with Anne-Katrin has become an important part of our daughters life – it’s where she goes for fun, a release of tension, a sense of achievement, a workout and a sense of belonging. In 2015 Anne-Katrin challenged her to put herself out there and enter a competition. What a boost to her confidence to take first place to her dressage competition.” Debbie Bolton Tschepen 

“We have recently purchased a pony for our daughter assisted by the invaluable guidance of Anne-Katrin throughout the purchase process. The pony is now agisted at AKL German Riding Ponies, Arcadia where he receives regular training from Anne-Katrin and our daughter continues to have weekly lessons to further build her riding skills and in preparation for competitions. Anne-Katrin has ensured that our new pony partnership has been established safely and together they are making fabulous progress ready for 2017 Interschool all whilst our daughters confidence continues to blosson.” Nicholas Martens

“AKL German Riding Ponies provide professional care and training for client horses. Not only does Anne-Katrin provide amazing care for the horses based at AKL, she also provides riders with positive and meaningful instruction. I highly recommend AKL to anyone wishing to improve their riding.”Avrill Aspland